Prevent: Anemia and other illnesses

Correct: Vitamin B deficiencies

Maintain: Optimal health

Our body needs all the nutrients we can get from the food we eat. More often than not, however, our diet isn’t enough to supply us with everything we need for a healthy body, so we take oral nutritional supplements to makeup the difference.

The  impact of oral supplements on our overall health depends on how well our body absorbs them. For people with  digestive issues, absorption could be impaired since oral supplementation requires that all the nutrients you’re ingesting must pass through a digestive and metabolic process before they can be of any use to our cells.

B-12  injections are administered directly into the muscle allowing the nutrients to bypass the digestive tract and be absorbed more quickly.

What is vitamin b complex injection used for?

Vitamin B Complex is a combination of essential B- vitamins that can be used  for immune support, energy improvement, B-12 deficiencies and seasonal allergies.

What is in B complex injection?

Our injections contain B-Combo (B-1, B-2 B-3 B-5 B-6) and B-12 in the most easily absorbable form, Methylcobalamin.

How often should you get B complex injections?

The vitamin B complex injection frequency and dosage will be determined by your doctor based on your body weight, medical condition, and other factors but most often can be performed on a weekly basis

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