Botox for the chin

What is Botox?

Botox comes from botulinum, a toxin produced in a lab and purified under strictly controlled conditions. It has been used to treat patients medically as well as cosmetically for over 20 years. It is also an approved FDA injection. It is cosmetically used mainly for treating wrinkles caused by the underlying contractions of facial muscles.

These muscles are in constant use every time we laugh, smile or frown, ultimately causing frown lines, crow’s feet and nasal crunch lines. When these lines become permanently etched on the skin botox injections can help by temporarily paralyzing the muscles, preventing the lines from expressing.

Usage of botox for the chin

Although botox injections are mainly used for frown lines, crows’ feet and nasal lines, what is not well known is the fact that it works admirably on the lower part of the face like the chin. If you have wrinkles and folds in the chin area they can be easily corrected using botox.

Bumpy or lumpy skin on the chin also appears as you age, this is called the ‘orange peel’ or as the French put it the ‘peau d’orange’ effect. As the chin loses volume, the muscles (mentalis muscle) around the chin which make up much of the soft tissue volume of the chin creates this rippled effect. A few drops of botox can be injected into the chin to produce a smoother chin contour. The puckering and dimpling of the chin is also reduced.

Treatment and side effects

The injection itself is painless due to the fact that very fine needles are used. The good news is that the whole process can be over before you know it! The effect lasts between 4- 6 months and is very much dependent on the individual skin type and the extent of the problem. Repeat treatments may be required though the frequency may lessen. Side effects are almost negligible but certain categories of people like pregnant or nursing women and anyone with some existing neurological problems are advised to avoid botox unless it is deemed suitable for them to do so. If you play any musical instrument requiring the use of the chin and mouth, it should be conveyed to the practitioner before under-going treatment. Any unusual tingling, numbness or pain following the injection should be immediately reported to the consultant.

Botox has been and is still continuously being used very safely to enhance personal appearance.

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