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Are you one of those who desire to stay young and beautiful all through your life? As kids we used to read about the celestial bodies transforming the ugly duckling into the charming and beautiful princess. Now this is not a fantasy any more. Your wish will be granted for sure. All these years if you are yearning for a great body, glowing skin or perfect body and shape. This wonder called cosmetic surgery is not new any more. As it is rightly said ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, now in today’s world this is easy said then done. In India we are fortunate to have best amenities for cosmetic surgery. There are several cosmetic surgeons emerging in India. Hence, many people around the world are looking for cosmetic surgery in India due to the cost, effeciency and other factors.

As the need to look the best and perfect is also rising amongst people of every age and genders. People from different strata of society and culture are also looking for this change in themselves. After all its all about looking your best and being confident about it. Your looks not only has an impact on your social life but if your looks are positive and you are presentable it can give you a boost in your professional life too. An enhanced guise plays a vital role in building-up your personality and self-confidence. Its helps to bring out the best in you as you are mentally and emotionally satisfied with your own self. This renders into better self image and so it can ameliorate ones life. Cosmetic surgery in India is not just about improvement or enhancement its about reconstruction too. It can render a new life or ones desire to live a new life by correcting the scares or any other disfigurement in any part of the body with ease. If you wish to fix or amend a wound of an accident or blemish on your face which has mounted on your face can be removed through cosmetic surgery. These surgeries are unproblematic and can be done in no time. For serious surgeries it may take few days but the results are incredible.

If you feel that your body is oversized or it is running out of curves cosmetic surgeons are there for your rescue. Through liposuction you can get back your perfect shape and size without any side-effects or pain. If you desire to shape your face or restructure it this is possible too with cosmetic surgery. It’s a technology with careful planning by experts. Unlike the past, cosmetic surgeries prevalent amongst the elite and cream of the crop cosmetic surgeries are now a days popular and well known amongst middle class and common people. These surgeries are not so dear any more, infact they are easily accessible any where in metros and urban areas. These surgeries are not so long and toiling like other surgeries in hospitals and clinics. One can leave the clinic as soon as the job is done. There are various successful international and national models and actors who have taken aid from cosmetic surgeries.

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Author of this article is Dr.Medha Bhave. She has completed her Master in Surgery and M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery. She founded her clinic for cosmetic surgery in the year 1999. She made radiosurgery popular way back in 2002 and started the technique of chemical peel in 2005. The clinic also has the facility for laser hair removal.

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