Induction heaters

An induction heater is a main piece of equipment which is used in all forms of induction heating. A typical induction heater operates at either medium frequency or radio frequency ranges. There are three main components form which forms the basis of a modern induction heater including the power unit or also called as power inverter, the transformer and the coil or inductor. Induction heating is a non contact method of heating a conductive body by utilising a strong magnetic field. Main frequency of 50/60 Hz induction heaters incorporate a coil directly fed from the electricity supply, typically for lower power industrial applications where lower surface temperatures are required.

Induction heating is a process which is used to bond, harden or soften metals or other conductive materials. For many modern manufacturing processes, induction heating offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency and control. The passage of current through the coil generates a very intense and rapidly changing magnetic field in the space within the work coil. The work piece to be heated is placed within this intense alternating magnetic field.

Companies should supply premier quality of induction heating equipment and systems for the market. Company’s mission should be a simple one like strive to supply their customers with superior, reliable technology at competitive prices. Companies provide wide product range and allow evaluating customer requirements and also offering the best solution to satisfy their needs. Induction heating machines are wildly used in induction heating service, induction heat treatment, induction brazing, induction hardening and many such others.

One of the most common applications of Induction Heating Machines are for sealing the anti-tamper seals that are stuck to the top of medicine and drinks bottles. A foil seal coated with “hot-melt glue” is inserted into the plastic cap and screwed onto the top of each bottle during manufacture. These foil seals are then rapidly heated as the bottles pass under an induction heater/induction heating equipment/induction heating system on the production line. The heat generated melts the glue and seals the foil onto the top of the bottle. When the cap is removed, the foil remains providing an airtight seal and preventing any tampering or contamination of the bottle’s contents until the customer pierces the foil.

Induction Hardening Machines are especially applied in automated production processes with sufficient production volume. With Induction Heating a constant, high production quality can be reached. The energy consumption and the production losses are lower than for conventional techniques. Dielectric heating Poly condensation glues and polyvinyl acetate glues are especially suited for high frequency bonding.

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