Laser Acne Treatment in Scottsdale

Prevent: New acne breakouts and potential scarring
Correct: Current active acne, reduce number of breakouts and inflammation
Maintain: Clear skin with monthly treatments


What is?

Our Acne treatment uses the power of BBL to target the different components that contribute to acne.

How does it work?

Your provider will use different wavelength filters to target the bacteria responsible for breakouts, inflammation that can cause large tender lesions and oil production.

What does treat?

Active acne

What can I expect during my treatment?

Your provider will begin by cleansing and assessing your skin. Protective goggles will be applied to your eyes and gel to the treatment area. 2-3 passes over the treatment area will be made with 2-3 different filters depending on the type of breakouts you have

When can I expect to see results?

You will have mild redness following your treatment. You may experience an increase in your breakouts as your skin purges. You will notice a decrease in the number and size of your breakouts about 5 days after your treatments.

We recommend 6 weekly treatments.

Complimentary Treatments

We recommend home care products including a retinol as well as chemical peels once you finish your laser course of treatment.

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