Happy Halloween!!

It’s our favorite time of year here at Expert Aesthetix. Fall demarks a time of change. Let us help you change up your beauty and health routine with treats for your skin and body!

All offers expire 10/31/19

Treat #1:
50% off a package of 6 of our Nutritional injections! $90 (reg $180)

Choose From: B-Complex: Great for improving sleep quality and boosting your immune system.
Lipovite: Excellent for those looking to support their weight loss efforts. Contains all the essential B vitamins along with L-Carnitine and Chromium that may help to reduce food cravings and stabilize blood sugar levels.
Vitality:The power house for fighting illness and aiding in recovery. Contains all the essential B vitamins along with Vitamin C and glutathione.
Moxie:The combination of the Lipovite and Vitality. Contains all the essential B vitamins, the weight loss ingredients of the Lipovite along with Vitality’s glutathione. All of our nutritional injections can be performed weekly or bi-weekly. Arm your immune system with cold and flu fighting support!!

Restrictions apply. May not be combined with any other specials or discounts. Limit one per client. Injections must be completed 60-days from purchase, remaining injections will be forfeited.

Treat #2:
20% off the Sciton Profractional Peel

The best of both worldsIncredible results and minimal downtime! Sciton’s ProFractional laser can improve skin tone, treating acne scars, and even out hyperpigmentation. Using the Erbium-YAG laser microbeam, it penetrates deep into the skin to create controlled micro injuries that trigger a healing reaction. These treated areas stimulate the production of new collagen and increase the skin’s vitality while enhancing tone and texture As your skin heals, boosted collagen production kicks in and continues for six months, creating smoother skin texture and more even tone.We recommend a series of 3 treatments for optimal results.www.RealSelf.com members give the ProFractional laser a high 98% Worth It Rating, with many saying that it exceeded their expectations!
Face $400 (reg $500)
Face and Neck $520 (reg $650)

* Restrictions apply, cannot be combined with other specials and discounts. Limit 2 per client.

Treat #3:
20% off Microneedling with Stem Factors

Microneedling can help smooth lines and wrinkles, even skin tone (including stubborn melasma), refine enlarged pores, tighten skin, and fade scars and stretch marks.It works by creating microscopic punctures in the skin, creating thousands of micro injuries while driving in hyaluronic acid and Stem Cell Growth Factors. This triggers a healing response that releases a cascade of growth factors, which in turn boosts production of the body’s own collagen (the protein fibers that keep skin smooth and supple).

Face $199 (reg $250)
Face and Neck $240 (reg $299)