Prevent: Adverse effects of low testosterone levels

Correct: Testosterone levels to normal

Maintain: Optimal levels of testosterone


No other hormone plays a more crucial role in male sexuality and reproduction than testosterone. As the main male sex hormone, testosterone should be at optimal levels to help men not only with their sexual and reproductive activities, but also with their efforts to build muscle mass, grow hair, maintain bone density, develop a deeper voice, and maintain their sense of well-being.


Testosterone levels, however, drop as men age. Studies have shown that low testosterone levels could lead to lost muscle mass and bone density, a diminished libido, and an increased risk for heart disease and prostate cancer, so it’s necessary for men to do what they can to boost their levels of testosterone.


While there are many natural low testosterone treatment options available, there is a no faster and more efficient way to raise T-levels than testosterone replacement therapy, a service that we at Expert Aesthetix readily provide.


Get the best testosterone replacement therapy results


Thanks to modern technology, people now have the chance to boost their T-levels at a much faster rate. Sure, they can increase testosterone by eliminating sugar from their diet, exercising and lifting weights, and eating a healthy balance of carbs, fat, and protein, but getting a healthy testosterone replacement therapy dosage is slowly but surely becoming the more popular choice not only for men, but also for women who want more testosterone in their system.


Your options for testosterone replacement


Testosterone replacement therapy comes in many forms. Many testosterone replacement therapy clinics will recommend the use of a testosterone cream or gel that men can apply on their scrotum or on their armpits.


When you consult a testosterone doctor Scottsdale residents trust, you will also likely get a recommendation to take testosterone supplements. So far, the best testosterone supplements are those that contain D-Aspartic acid, vitamin D, zinc, and herbs like Tribulus Terrestris and ashwagandha.


Then there are people who go for testosterone shots, which are administered into a muscle every two to four weeks by a medical professional


Testosterone replacement therapy side effects


While testosterone replacement therapy is generally safe, it still has some side effects, such as:

  • oily skin or acne
  • elevated risk of developing prostate issues
  • mild fluid retention
  • increased urination due to stimulation of prostate tissue
  • gynecomastia or breast enlargement in men
  • higher risk of blood clots
  • smaller testicular size
  • mood swings and more aggressive behavior


Testosterone replacement Scottsdale residents have come to trust


If you have been asking yourself the question, “Is there testosterone replacement therapy near me?”, then you’re in luck if you live in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Expert Aesthetix has been offering a wide variety of treatments that boost one’s health and overall well-being, and testosterone replacement therapy is one of our specialties.


Contact us now or drop by our office, and we’ll arrange for the best possible testosterone replacement therapy cost for you.

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