The Aesthetics of Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are used for a variety of functions around the house. As a string of lanterns they can be used as birthday steamers or any such celebration. They can be sued as lighting instruments of course, but there are many other uses you can get out of them. They are more for aesthetics than actual lanterns. But should you use them as lanterns you don’t have to worry about them catching fire as they tend to be made with fire retardant paper. You can use them outside but it is recommended to remove them in times of bad weather. While they are fire resistant, they are not invulnerable to water or strong winds.

What they are made of is paper the fits over a metal frame. The frame is collapsible and has a metal rod that locks the frame into the open position once the paper shell is in place. Some have candle holders in them as with Chinese paper lantern but most modern versions contain wiring for a bulb. Shapes include long cylindrical tubes, spheres and pagodas. You are probably most familiar with the white sphere lanterns, the big white paper lanterns with the ribs that hang from the ceiling by a long black cord. Then there are the traditional lanterns that are accordion shaped.

For the environmentally conscious there are eco-friendly lanterns made from 100% recycled materials. They use low energy bulbs as well. You can find the materials yourself and make a paper lantern if you are of the mind to and you can find wholesale paper lanterns for cheap if you buy them in bulk. To hang them you have to be somewhat careful as you can easily rip the paper and ruin your lantern. As they are for aesthetic purposes when it comes to lighting, paper lanterns are usually packaged flat and require assembly. Easily slide the frame into the paper shell, extend the expander that pushes the frame open and lock it into place. Then you are done. All you have to do is hang your lantern where you want it.

Peter Flaherty has been involved with home improvement and interior decorating for seventeen years. He knows all the tool and techniques for the DIY crowd and loves to share his knowledge with the general public. If you are interested in learning more about paper lanterns or if you would like information on candle lanterns or other types of candle holders, please follow the links provided and you will find all the information you need.

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