The Perfect Longer Lasting Cosmetic Filler for your Cheeks

Those who have longed been searching for the perfect treatment that will improve the profile of their nose, rejuvenate their hands, hide jowls, enhance flat and sunken cheeks, and restore smooth jaw line can now rejoice because the ultimate cosmetic filler for cheeks and more is here for your indulgence. Radiesse treatment offers the perfect opportunity for you to give those cheeks a fuller  and younger appearance.

How does it work?

The treatment works by promoting your natural collagen through the aid of state-of-the-art microsphere technology, which is proven safe and effective. These tiny spheres composed of calcium hydroxylapatite are dissolved into a soft gel before it is injected into those smile lines, cheeks, wrinkles, scars, marionette lines, and selected facial areas. As these calcium microsphere dissolved into your body, it produces a natural volume resulting to a more youthful appearance. There is no skin testing required for this procedure and it is now considered as the best filler for anyone wishing to undergo facial contouring.

How is it better in comparison to other fillers?

Select fillers like Juvaderm remains to be the perfect choice for lip enhancement and treatment of fine lines, but in aspect pertaining to your cheeks and other areas of the face that requires volume then radiesse is the better option. The treatment will not take very long and is normally painless. Although enhancement may be required after six or eight weeks, it is solely to be done to fine-tune the areas that experienced the treatment. What is most interesting about this procedure is its length of efficacy, which lasts for nine to eighteen months.

How to Prepare for the Treatment

If you are prepared to undergo with the treatment, then it is important that you thoroughly wash your face thoroughly before any solution is injected into your face. Remove unnecessary make-up including face creams and lipstick. You do not need to worry about pain and discomfort because this is attended to by the physician in-charge of the treatment. It is however advised that patients avoid the use of Vitamin E, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and fish oil about one to two weeks before the treatment, because some substances contained in these products may cause an allergic reaction to the injection.

Aftermath Treatment Advice

After the application of the solution on the affected areas, it is advised that patients refrain from massaging, squeezing, of sleeping directly on the areas where treatment has been applied for about 24 hours. It may change the shape of the filler, which may not be in favor to your liking. Apply cold packs every 15 to 60 minutes if you experience bruising and swelling, or just take Arnica Montana for one to two days for a more natural healing method.

There are many other treatments that will help you maintain the youthful appearance of your face. The challenge lies in finding the individuals that his well skilled to deliver the results that you wish to see on your face. Begin your search today and find a comrade for the maintenance of your skin.

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