Prevent: Illnesses and signs of aging

Correct: Vitamin deficiencies

Maintain: Optimal health

We are what we eat. The healthier we eat, the more optimally our bodies will function. After all, we get much-needed nutrients from our food.

However, it is a fact that no matter how healthy our eating habits are, today’s food sources and  frequent digestive issues often prevent the absorption of enough nutrients. To get our recommended dose of the vitamins and minerals that our body requires, we have to turn to supplements.

Typically, people choose oral supplements  which would be fine if it didn’t take so long for our bodies to absorb them. While they are packed full of nutrients, oral supplements still have to go through a digestive and metabolic process before they reach and benefit our cells. And, if you have digestive issues, absorbing the nutrients might prove to take even longer, if possible at all.

Fortunately, we, at Expert Aesthetix have the best Vitality B12 injections Scottsdale has to offer, and we offer a variety of  nutritional injections that provide the  essential vitamins   to help your body function optimally.

Multivitamin injections in Scottsdale Arizona

Our Vitality Injections are a combination of essential vitamins that provide a positive impact on our immune and nervous systems. Specifically, our Vitality Injections in Scottsdale are an excellent option for aiding in  muscle recovery and  immune support.

Each of our Vitality Injections contains MIC a combination of Methinione, Inositol and Choline. Methinione is one of the 10 essential amino acids  which helps reduce fat and aids in lowering cholesterol. Inositol is a  nutrient that helps  metabolize fats and cholesterol and aids in transporting fat in the blood stream. It also plays a role in the redistribution of body fat. Choline plays a vital role in lipid metabolism.

In addition to  MIC, our Vitality Injections also contain vitamin C, glutathione, B-combo, and B12.

With regular treatments  of the best Vitality  B12 injections Scottsdale residents have come to trust, you will get the  necessary supplementation  that can significantly diminish the risk of various conditions that may arise from vitamin deficiencies.

Our bodies need all the help that they  can get. Call or visit us at Expert Aesthetix for a consultation with our  experienced  medical professionals, who will carry out a thorough evaluation of your medical history and advise you as to your suitability for our multivitamin injections in Scottsdale Arizona.


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