What Is Botox?

Botox has been used medically for over 20 years. When administered, Botox clinic doctors insert Botox into the skin through the use of a narrow needle. Botox works by lessening the contractions of the muscles causing them to relax. The molecule acts by blocking the function of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which allows for the contraction of muscles. After acetylcholine is released, it binds to available receptors on the fibres of muscles causing them to contract. Botox acts as a muscle relaxant by preventing the release of acetylcholine thus putting a stop to the contractions.

The effects of Botox however, are temporary. After about three to four months, acetylcholine will once again be released so the muscles will then be able to contract. Although Botox is used to prevent the contraction of muscles and therefore to reduce wrinkles, it is also used to reduce sweating in the area injected. This is because acetylcholine also acts to allow for the production of sweat. The reduction in sweat typically lasts longer than the muscle relaxation, usually about six months.

Botox is typically produced as a powder which requires refrigeration. The powder is combined with a sterile saline solution in order to reconstitute the mixture. Botox is most commonly recognized as a cosmetic injection to reduce wrinkles and lines although it is also used to treat excessive muscle contractions that are caused by certain disorders such as cerebral palsy, dystonia, and an eye condition called strabismus which causes excessive contractions of the muscles around the eyes.

The Ontario Botox Clinic provides services to Botox Mississauga patients as well as
Botox Toronto patients in Ontario.

Dr. Weinberg received an honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto followed by a Masters in Medical Biophysics while at the Princess Margaret Hospital. He also runs a charity organization which funds a hospital in Zimbabwe. For more information, visit http://www.botoxontario.ca/

Dr. Michael Weinberg is a plastic surgeon who has helped Mississauga Botox patients and Toronto Botox patients in Ontario for 15years. He currently heads the Ontario Botox clinics with locations in both Mississauga and Toronto. Dr. Weinberg is a well known Royal College certified plastic surgeon and is the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Trillium Health Centre, a teaching hospital located in Ontario.

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